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Pilgrammed Guide (2023)

If you’re looking for a Pilgrammed walkthrough, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a Pilgrammed guide to help you through the first few levels of the game. The guide itself will cover how to get started, along with some of the more complex ideas of the game, such as heavy weapons.

Pilgrammed is an RPG on the hugely popular gaming platform Roblox. You can play the game through the Roblox app on Android and iOS now. For a free boost in Pilgrammed, check out our Pilgrammed Guns guide, as well as our Pilgrammed codes guide. Check out some of our other Roblox guides, such as our World of Stands tier list. To learn more about the game, consider joining the official Pilgrammed Roblox group.

Pilgrammed Guide (2023)

We’ll now move onto the guide itself. We’ll split this article into a few different sections so that processing it is easier for you!

Completing The Tutorial

The tutorial in Pilgrammed is relatively simple. So simple, that it’s basically made up of talking to Skelaton O’Myers. As the skelaton talks to you through text, it’s easy and tempting, even, to skip ahead and dive head first into the gameplay. We enoucrage you to read what the skelaton is saying, as there’s some valuable information in there that describes the fundamentals of the game.

A Taste For Apples

The next thing we recommend that you do when starting out in Pilgrammed is pick up and complete the apple quest, A Taste For Apples.

The quest itself isn’t essential for the main game, and you can even skip it. However, we recommend that you complete this, as it will give you a boost in your beginning, allowing you to have an advanced start.

To find this quest, simply go to Vermeil Village, and walk up to a man standing by a tree. The man is called Lumber Jack, and he’ll give you the apple quest. The quest consists of finding, collecting, and giving 20 apples to Lumber Jack. As you can imagine, it’s relatively easy.

Thief Trouble

After completing Lumber Jack’s side-quest, you’ll be ready to attempt to complete the first quest of the main game.

You receive this quest from a character called Abraska. You’ll find Abraska in a hut in Vermeil Village. It’s actually the hut closest to Lumber Jack, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find. Here, Abraska will give you a quest that requires you to kill ten thieves.

After you’ve killed the thieves, return to Abraska. Here, they will task you with investigating the King’s Den. When you arrive, you’ll have to take out the Thief King. After you’ve done this, return to Abraska once more.

Your First Heavy Weapon

Heavy weapons are great weapons that you can use not only for taking on your average villain, such as thieves, but also for hitting through large objects, like collapsable walls. Unfortunately, they’re a little more complex to get a hold of in comparison to normal weapons.

If you want to get your hands on your first heavy weapon, follow these simple steps…

  1. Save up enough gold for a bronze GS sold by the blacksmith – grind thieves for quick gold
  2. Acquire 6 copper and 3 tin by mining ores found in the plains
  3. Purchase 8 bronze from the blacksmith
  4. You can now purchase your first heavy weapon – the greatsword

About The Game

Pilgrammed is a recently released RPG on the popular Roblox platform. The game is open world, and you’ll be tasked with completing a number of quests. Along the way, you’ll meet different characters, letting you make allies, as well as fight off enemies. Purchase and upgrade weapons, mine ore, and explore the expansive map.