‘Pink Heaven’ Review: Best Unpaid “Overtime” Ever!

You might remember just how much we loved last year’s Kero Blaster (our review), the game not only received a perfect score from us — for having top-notch pixel-driven side-scrolling platform-jumping action — but additionally made it onto our 2014 Top Ten List. Helping to advertise the game was a separate demo adventure — containing wholly unique content not found in the primary experience — known as Pink Hour, that furthermore starred the amorphous secretary from Kero Blaster. Proving that Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya loves to shower his fans with free content, he just released a sequel — entitled Pink Heaven (out now, free) — that picks up where the previous demo’s secret-ending left off.

screen520x924You might find it odd that Daisuke Amaya just released a sequel to a promotional-demo, rather than working on a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Kero Blaster itself, but I assure you that there actually is a method to his madness. Those who saw our original review of Kero Blaster might remember that our chief-most complaint was the plotline’s lack of resolution, in what was otherwise an overall impeccably-solid experience. Apparently Pink Heaven has just been released to celebrate Kero Blaster’s new “Over Time” mode — unlocked after you’ve finished the game at least once — which contains harder remixed versions of the original stages, plus a new plotline that furthers the story.

Anyways — getting back to focus — Pink Heaven features much the same control scheme as Kero Blaster before it, with players having access to left/right movement buttons on their device’s left-hand side. Meanwhile — on the other side — is a jump button; this not only reacts to how long it is held down, but can additionally be used to climb up ladders by holding the button whenever standing next to them. Furthermore — depending on the choices you make along the way — you might also acquire the “Umbrella of Gentleness,” which will allow you to glide long distances whenever you keep holding the button.

Next to the jump button is Kero Blaster’s signature — and actually quite revolutionary — directional-gunfire toggle, which is predominantly a large part of what made the original so universally heralded. Flipping this toggle either upwards — leftwards — or rightwards will cause Pink to endlessly shoot in that direction, even if she’s otherwise moving in the absolute opposite direction entirely. One must wonder what exactly her weapon’s true purpose is — though — since it seems to not only eradicate unsavory sorts, but can additionally spruce-up any unhealthy-seeming plants you might find along the way.

screen520x924 (1)While the game is certainly fun, it is ultimately — just like Pink Hour was before it — an extremely short affair (but then again, I guess that’s what you get for something both utterly free — devoid of ads — and furthermore containing no IAPs whatsoever). It’s rather likely you’ll see both of the game’s endings the very first night you download this app, although achieving the good ending does unlock access to an optional Hard Mode. Should one afterwards end up deciding to try their hand at conquering this additional challenge, Pink Heaven’s overall play-time — as well as the player’s death counter — will both rocket straight upwards.

Either way — short or not — Pink Heaven is both utterly-free and high-quality, coming straight from the same man whom previously gave us both Cave Story and Ikachan, and that’s not exactly a bargain deal you can really argue with.


Although admittedly on the short side, Pink Heaven is an utterly-free side-scrolling adventure — complete with top-notch production values — straight from the man responsible for indie classics such as Cave Story and Kero Blaster.

An utterly-free side-scrolling platform-jumping adventure with top-notch quality
The game is admittedly rather short (unless you also play through the optional Hard Mode)