The image shows the header image for Pirates Destiny. The two characters are Luffy and Zoro in the Roblox style. Luffy is wearing a red robe whilst Zoro is wearing white and holding his iconic swords.

Pirates Destiny Tier List – Fruits (December 2023)

Ahoy there! We have created a Pirates Destiny Tier list for you! In this post, we will be covering the fruits from the upcoming Roblox experience, Pirates Destiny. We rank them based on personal experience, abilities, and player feedback. So, let’s set sail into this list and see what truly is the best!

Pirates Destiny is the upcoming Roblox game inspired by the incredible anime, One Piece. Become your own pirate and immerse yourself in the rich story. Meet familiar faces, complete quests for NPCs, defeat bosses and get strong! Become the strongest pirate across the East Blue!

You can check out Pirates Destiny on Roblox today! Get in on the fun early, since this game is still a fresh catch! (I hope Sanji would appreciate that pun). Why not check out some of our other tiers such as Honkai Star Rail Yukong Tier List.

Pirates Destiny Tier List

Well, this fruit sure is strong, but man does it taste bad.

  • S-Tier – These fruits are OP! Only for the toughest of pirates.
  • A-Tier – Strong! Definitely worth getting excited for if you get one of these.
  • B-Tier – Averagely good!
  • C-Tier – These are better early game, but don’t settle on it!
  • D-Tier – Eh, better than no fruit I guess. Definitely upgrade asap though!


[Legendary] Cursed Fruit of Fire – This insane fruit carries the legendary title well. With the ability to manifest, control and even become fire. You deal massive amounts of damage in diverse attacks from close range to projectile. Hey, you can even fly!

[Legendary] Cursed Fruit of Light – My personal favourite actually. This fruit works similarly to the Fire fruit in the sense that you can summon, become, and use Light to get the upper hand. The attack moves look insanely cool and you fly much faster since you quite literally become the speed of light.

[Legendary] Cursed Fruit of Ice – Become one with the cold. Create, use and become ice with this fruit which has a ton of different skills to use for diverse and strong attacks.


[Legendary] Cursed Fruit of Smoke – Despite being of legendary value, this fruit feels lacklustre verses its title companions. However, it still packs a huge punch! Create, use and become Smoke to evade and obstruct enemies during battles.

[Legendary] Cursed Fruit of Sand – Possibly my least favourite of the Legendary bunch. However, credit where due this fruit is powerful! Similar to the theme of the other Legendary rarities, this fruit lets you create, use, and become sand. It also has a wide roster of unique attacks much like the other Legendary fruits.


[Rare] Cursed Fruit of Pieces – The Buggy Fruit! This chop-chop. Er, I mean, Pieces Fruit allows you to split your body into multiple segments to control simultaneously for sporadic and frankly, comical attacks.

[Rare] Cursed Fruit of Explosion – Enter with a BLAST with this fruit! Create powerful explosions to use for high-damage attacks. Send them off in booming projectiles or master the close range blasts offered by this fruit.


[Rare] Cursed Fruit of Barrier – The shielding fruit! Whilst this fruit primarily allows you to protect yourself, you can manifest shields to pummel enemies with too. It’s good, but underwhelming for its defence heavy stats. Hence the C-tier.

[Rare] Cursed Fruit of Love – Control and bend emotions to your will all whilst fighting in a flashy pink style! This fruit has its strength perks but it’s far from top tier.


[Common] Cursed Fruit of Weight – Become light as a feather to float before bulking up and slamming a heavy attack on your enemies from above! This fruit is decent, but far from the strongest.

[Common] Cursed Fruit of Invisibility – Ever wanted to disappear? Well, that’s all this fruit allows you to do. It’s better than having NO fruit, but it kind of sucks. Providing absolutely no stat or skill benefit other than becoming invisible to enemies.

When Do We Update Our Tiers?

Whenever the game receives an update that shifts the power balance of the fruits! Or, when new fruits are added! There are a few missing, so we expect to see more creep their way into this list eventually. I already predict that the Gum-Gum fruit will be S-tier! (Though I’m sure It’ll carry a different name…)