Pixel Artist Reimagines ‘Morphite’ as a Super Nintendo Game

Boasting a vibrantly colorful and stylish low-poly visual aesthetic, Morphite (out now, $7.99) is one heck of a good looking game. But what would it have looked like if it had been released during the Super Nintendo era instead of in the modern day? That’s the question Thomas Mc Closkey, an Irish pixel artist/indie game dev, asked himself when creating the amazing mockup image you see below.

Thomas’s artwork has been incredibly well received on Twitter, with people’s reactions ranging from “omgggggg” to “please make this a thing I love it.” In response to all the fan clamour, Crescent Moon Games’ Josh Presseisen has (jokingly?) stated that if the tweet gets 1,000 retweets, he’ll definitely consider making a retro-styled version of Morphite for real. How awesome is that?

In other Morphite-related news, we’ve got 4 copies of the game up for grabs in our latest giveaway. The contest ends this Friday, so there’s not much time left to enter!

Source: Twitter