the image shows a pixel battle between heroes on the right and green goblins on the left. The scenery is entirely green with sunlight creeping through the trees

Pixel Heroes Tier List – Launch Rankings!

Not all pixels are created equally. My Pixel Heroes Tier List ranks each of the units from best to worst so you know who to enlist into your dream pixel team!

Pixel Heroes is a casual idle RPG where you enlist, you guessed it, Pixel Heroes! Play hands-on, or take a step back and trust your team to scavenge loot and levels in your absence. Complete with rich lore and a fun art style, Pixel Heroes offers plenty of rewards for all types of gamers!

Check out Pixel Heroes over on the App Store. If you’re a fan of tiers check out our SOULS Tier List after checking these rankings. Or if you fancy something entirely new check out our Voyage the Grand Fleet Tier List.

Pixel Heroes Tier List

Thankfully Pixel Heroes thrives on idle combat. You don’t have to worry a great deal about your units at the beginning. As the game progresses with or without you, you’ll need to narrow your team choices to just the best the game offers for maximum efficient progression.


OP! These pixels pack a punch! These units are the strongest, and most versatile that the game has to offer.

  • God of Time Cronos
  • Goddess of Death Hela
  • Goddess of War Valkyrie
  • Star Guardian Freyja
  • God of Death Thanatos


Pixel powerful! These characters are just shy from being the best, they’re still solid options if you don’t have access to those in S-Tier, though!

  • Psychopomp Charon
  • Dragonborn Mona
  • Floriya Melissa
  • Camarilla Bloodline Toreador
  • Lost Torrent Yuna
  • Lady Justice Themis
  • King of Uruk Gil
  • Divine Hammer Frostie
  • Wings of Wish White Star
  • Eternal Spear Irelia
  • Phoenix Garuda
  • Silver Hunter Diana


Average heroes with average capabilities. They’re not bad when paired with stronger counterpart units to heighten their existing skills, but overall they’re nothing spectacular.

  • Shroud Walker Chen
  • Succubus Alith Morrigan
  • Snowflakes Annelia
  • Stellar Master Alkaid
  • Dawn Paladin Brigitte
  • Divine Dancer Gonru
  • Forest Princess Elena
  • Blast Bunny Alice
  • Acolyte Raphaela
  • Moonborn Hudson
  • Siren Syndra
  • Spirit Prophet Zorshan
  • Ice Guardian Ainu
  • Glory Excalibur Allande
  • Bounty Hunter Edha


Less than average heroes with a few niche uses. These units are better-suited early-game before a more precise team is built. I wouldn’t settle for these units long term.

  • Fuzzy Prowler Anata
  • Green Ranger Caroline
  • Ent Garret
  • Iron Fist Ryu-Lin
  • Barbarian Puck
  • Whisper of Wind Royelle
  • Shepherd’s Dream Sicinina
  • Novice Magician Lilith
  • Duo Lancer Minos
  • Shaman Abka


Who are these heroes trying to save? I would not recommend them.

  • Darcy
  • Nice Swordsman Executer
  • Hunter Aivenk
  • Jac Orc
  • Deadeye Jelika