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Pixel Piece Leveling Guide

If you’re struggling with leveling up your character in Pixel Piece, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a Pixel Piece leveling guide that will teach you the quickest and most resourceful way you can level up your character in the game.

Pixel Piece is yet another Roblox adaptation of the hugely popular anime, One Piece. You can find more information about the game through checking out the game’s official Roblox group.

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Pixel Piece Leveling Guide

We’ll now get onto the guide at hand. We’ll split it into different sections to make processing the guide easier for you!

Level 1-35

Getting your first 35 levels shouldn’t be too difficult, as it doesn’t take a long time to earn. There’s a few different quests you can complete that will speed you up along the way, so we’ll list them below.


When you first start playing the game, we recommend that you go ahead and accept Gabi’s quest to defeat bandits. Defeating bandits is a quick and easy way to earn XP, and you’ll come across quite a few randomly on your travels.

Once you hit Level 10, we recommend that you accept Sofia’s quest to defeat more bandits as soon as possible. Not only will you get more XP defeating more bandits, but you’ll eventually be ready to take on the Bandit Boss.

We also recommend re-investing your levels into your melee skills so you can efficiently tackle enemies with ease.

Shells Town

Once you reach Level 15, you’ll be able to visit Shells Town. Shells Town is cool because it’s full of plenty of new quest opportunities, helping you on your leveling journey. You can get to this town by heading southwest of Pixel Island.

Speaking to Furnton at the docks will give you the option to take up a quest to kill five sailors. Completing this quest should level you up a fair bit. To help you kill the five sailors, purchase a katana whenever you can. Not only will it make the quest easier, but it’s also a fantastic weapon to help bump up your stats.

Around this point, you should be approaching Level 30. When you get there, accept the quest to kill soldiers from Namtar.

Syrup Island

One final push to hit Level 35! You can achieve this by travelling to Syrup Island, which is just northeast of Shells Town.

If you travel to the cave on Syrup Island, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a new sword style from the cave dweller, Fury the Sword Trainer. This will help you reach Level 35.

Level 36-110

This will seem like quite a leap from the first 35 levels, but don’t let the numbers put you off – you’re definitely strong enough to start the journey!

Orange Town

Once you get to Orange Town, you’ll once more be greeted with more quest opportunities! One of these is defeating Clown pirates, which you can pick up by talking to Laft.

It should also be noted at this point you should be attacking and killing any pirates that you come across for some quick and easy XP!

Once you hit Level 50, you’ll be more than capable of taking on Kabaji. Defeating them will increase your levels significantly.

After you’ve completed all of the above, you should once more visit Shells Town. Once you’re there, speak to Ranabana to engage in the Norgan boss battle. After, return to Orange Town.

Reaching Level 90 allows you to reset your stats once more. Again, we recommend you re-invest in your melee skills, as that’s your bread and butter for combat in this game. Once you reach Level 90, you’ll also be ready to face the Captain Puggy battle.

Syrup Island

Return to Syrup Island to accept a quest from Karlo. The quest at hand will be to battle Nuro bandits. You’ll have to farm these bandits a fair bit in order to reach Level 110, so prepare yourself. Eventually you’ll run into Tony, who’ll give you the quest to defeat Strong Nuro bandits. This should give you the final boost of XP to hit Level 110.

Another easy quest you can complete to top up your levels is battling the Nuro pirate. Pick this quest up by talking to Sopp.

Level 111 – 200

You’re almost there now! While it seems like you’ve got another half of the game to play, you’ve already become strong enough that this should feel hopefully less of a grind.

We recommend that you pick up the Arling bandits quest by talking to James. Defeat these bandits, as well as any other enemy that you run into in order to further your levels. Hitting Level 145 will unlock the Strong Arling bandits quest, which you can pick up from talking to Peixe.

At this point in the game, you’ll be strong enough to farm bosses. We recommend you do this, as a lot of this part of the late-game is now all about the grind!

One final thing you can do that will help you reach Level 200 is fighting the Arlong boss quest. You can get this from talking to Nama.

About The Game

Explore the world of One Piece, recreated in Roblox! Create your own character, sail the vast seas, complete quests, and collect Devil Fruit. The aim of the game is to become the most powerful character around, as you live out your own One Piece storylines in Roblox for yourself.