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Pixel Piece Races Guide

Are you looking for a Pixel Piece Races guide? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll list every race in the game, and list the different abilities and buffs of each one.

Pixel Piece is yet another Roblox adaptation of the hugely popular anime, One Piece. You can find more information about the game through checking out the game’s official Roblox group. If you’re looking for more Roblox guides, check out our Pixel Piece tier list, Pixel Piece leveling guide, as well as our Doors Dupe guide.

Pixel Piece Races Guide

We’ll now get into the guide at hand.

What Are Pixel Piece Races?

In Pixel Piece, you can create your own customisable character. One thing that’s customisable about your character is their race. There’s a few to choose from: Human, Skypian, Fishman, Mink, and Oni.

You make your customisable character a different race through purchasing a spin and pulling a race at random. Some have different abilities, which is why they can be so sought-after. The fact that each race has a rarity percentage probably adds to that, too, as some races are rarer than others. Below, we’ll list just exactly how rare each one is.

  • Human – 70% chance of pulling (Common)
  • Skypian – 15% chance of pulling (Rare)
  • Fishman – 10% chance of pulling (Rare)
  • Mink – 5% chance of pulling (Ultra-rare)
  • Oni – 1% chance of pulling (Ultra-rare)

Pixel Piece Races – Race Buffs

As stated earlier, each race has their own buff. Below, we’ll list what buffs each one has so you can decide which one you want to focus on drawing.


  • Health Regeneration (x1.2)
  • Stamina Regenration (x1.3)

The developer of the game has confirmed that a new Human race buff will be added soon in an upcoming update. The buff itself is said to be the ability to evolve into a cyborg.


  • +25 health
  • +25 stamina
  • High agility
  • Gliding ability


  • Experience gain (x1.3)
  • Fisherman karate abilities
  • High swimming speed


  • Physical strength (x1.2)
  • Stamina (+100)


  • Haki experience gain (x1.4)
  • Damage resistence (x1.2)
  • Physical strength (x1.3)
  • Health (+100)
  • Ability to evolve into an Elder Oni

About The Game

Explore the world of One Piece, recreated in Roblox! Create your own character, sail the vast seas, complete quests, and collect Devil Fruit. The aim of the game is to become the most powerful character around, as you live out your own One Piece storylines in Roblox for yourself.