Pixel Pile – Review

Well Stacked

iFanzine Reader Review: Pixel Pile is a deceptively simple arcade game that requires speed and alertness. The player controls several already connected pixels, or a pile of pixels at the bottom of the screen using tilt controls. The aim of the game is to move this pile of pixels from side to side collecting the falling pixels which connect to the enlarging pile of pixels and extend it in all directions.

These new extensions of the pile will make it easier to keep up with future falling pixels. Like all catch ’em all type games, players lose “lives” for every missed object, or in this case pixels. In Pixel Pile players are given quite a few lives to spare, but this does not make the game any easier.

The game starts out slow as pixels fall one by one from the top of the screen and the player tilts the iDevice in the hopes of getting the falling pixels to touch and get attached to the pixel pile that you’re in control of. The screen is zoomed in so that the pixels appear to be pretty big and fill up the screen so that moving back and forth to catch falling pixels is a simple task.

However the screen soon zooms out and the pixels appear smaller making it harder to catch the falling pixels because your pile no longer covers the same proportion of the screen. This is how the game quickly progresses from what appears to be a very simple arcade game to a complex test of your reflexes as players keep their pile of pixels flying across the screen in order to catch them all.

As the game progresses the pixels start to fall at a faster pace as well. At some points pixels will be falling on one side of the screen and then randomly switch and start falling on the other side of the screen, where your pile isn’t.

At this point, if players are not swift enough to notice and change the positions of their pile quickly, their lives will disappear rapidly. Although the graphics are simple, the backdrop constantly changes colors and the music is upbeat and catchy. Written by Matt

iFanzine Verdict: This game is an addicting addition to the app stores arcade section but it might be too difficult.

Score: 7 out of 10