Help Kickstart ‘Pixel Shift HyperLight’, a Twin-Stick Shooter in the Vein of ‘Geometry Wars’ & ‘Waves’


In the vein of twin-stick shooter classics — such as Geometry Wars, or Waves  Oliver Prescott recently announced his goal to publish a neon-infused space shooter known as Pixel Shift HyperLight. In the game players are tasked with staying alive in the neon-infused depths of space using only their ship — their skills — and a ton of power-ups, such as bounce-shots and thru-shots (which have the ability to pass through enemy targets). Although Pixel Shift HyperLight aims to be fairly easy early on, it will otherwise take a great depth of skill should anyone wish to earn all of the game’s available achievements and — even more importantly — climb to the very top of the game’s online leader boards.

However, although Oliver has been working diligently towards Pixel Shift HyperLight’s completion — ever since the game was first conceived as a school project — there exist various fees still blocking his way: licensing fees, platform release fees, server fees, etc. It was for this very reason that Oliver Prescott recently launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking to secure $1,500 in necessary capital, all with which to cover the numerous — and utterly unavoidable — expenditures accrued by bringing an app to the iOS masses. Although the project’s future currently seems rather hopeful — with over $600 raised, and 22 days remaining — there’s still much work to do lest Prescott’s dreams be fated to fail yet again (a previous Kickstarter featured a larger goal in order to reach more platforms).

Currently a pledge of just $1 is all that’s needed to secure your very own launch day copy of Pixel Shift HyperLight (which is certainly a discount, considering the scheduled release price that’s otherwise been set at $4.99). Meanwhile, those whom back beyond a single dollar can additionally receive: early beta access, a production art book, a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack, a mock physical release box, and much-much more! However, those desperately seeking an all-new neon-infused fix of twin-stick shooting action — that will furthermore be available on the iOS — need to be sure that their donations are chipped in before Pixel Shift HyperLight’s Kickstarter closes on May 1st.