Help Kickstart ‘Pixel Starships’, a Game That’s Like ‘FTL’ Meets ‘Tiny Tower’ Meets ‘EVE Online’

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SavySoda — the same people whom previously made Millionaire Tycoon and Eenies — recently decided there really needed to be a game that combined the starship management of FTL — the building aesthetics of Tiny Tower — and the perpetual world of EVE Online. Seeing as how no such game actually yet existed, SavySoda quickly realized that they’d have to create the game all by themselves if they ever wished to get their MMO-Based starship-building tactical-combat groove on. However — before they could begin work on Pixel Starships, a game featuring cross-sectional artwork reminiscent of the SNES cult-classic: Earthbound — SavySoda realized that they were first going to need some funds.

22bdb7fcff80f971a9af80d16b322691_originalIn order to properly begin full-production on Pixel Starships in earnest, SavySoda is currently running a Kickstarter that hopes to raise the modest sum of $20,000 (AUD). Although only five days currently remain, things are — seeing as how almost $18,000 (AUD) has already been secured — still looking rather hopeful for SavySoda. However — with June 25th rapidly approaching — things need to start picking up fairly quickly, especially if you want Pixel Starships to ever hit its $25k (AUD) stretch goal (which would involve the addition of hangers and deployable mini-crafts).

Currently — for roughly $5 (USD) — you can have your name immortalized in Pixel Starships’ credits, and also receive a launch-day copy when the game arrives on iOS devices later this December (as well as copies for any other platforms it later reaches). Meanwhile — for those willing to donate even more than that — additional backer rewards include: exclusive backer only crew members, in-game starting funds, backer only weapons, a digital production art-book, backer only companion Doge, and much more! Finally — should you happen to have an entire extra $6,000 (USD) on hand — you can even help SavySoda design one of their upcoming Alien Races, meaning you’ll help to design one of the allies/nightmares that all future players of Pixel Starships must deal with.