The featured image for our Pizza Tower Secrets guide, featuring the game's logo, along with the main character to the right. The main character looks exhausted and paranoid, and he wears a chef's hat. The art style takes after 90s cartoons.

Pizza Tower Secrets

Everyone loves a sneaky easter egg. Did you know that Pizza Tower has a fair few, too? In this guide, we’ll dive into them, detailing how to access them and what they mean! Without further ado, enjoy our Pizza Tower secrets guide.

Pizza Tower is an indie platform game on Steam that was recently released. For more information about the game, check out the Pizza Tower official Steam page.

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Pizza Tower Secrets

We’ll now start to list the secrets and easter eggs in Pizza Tower! The game only recently came out, and more secrets are being discovered every day, so we’ll continue to update this guide.

Old Tower Secret

This cool little secret room is found in the Tower lobby. The room itself is really strange, as it contains a huge stone head on it’s side, accompanied by a few goblin creatures. Check it out for yourself by following these simple instructions…

  1. Go to Tower lobby
  2. Go all the way to the right of the first level, near the portal/doorway
  3. Instead of walking into the doorway, run, jump, and crash into the wall to the right of it at medium height
  4. Hitting the sweet spot will allow you to dig and travel down a pathway towards the secret room

Mansion Secret

This secret room is located in the Staff Only room. The room itself is really cool because it’s quite spacious and contains a lot of portraits of different people. It also contains a bit of luxurious furniture! You can get there by following these simple instructions…

  1. Go to the Staff Only room
  2. Walk to your right, and jump up a level
  3. At the start of said level that you’ve jumped up to, spring yourself up
  4. You’ll find a tube at the ceiling that will lead to the secret room

Mr Car

Mr Car is located in The Slum. The room contains, as you would have guessed, Mr Car, who sits anxiously in the middle of the room. The backdrop features a city with sweeping skyscrapers. You can check out this nice little easter egg for yourself by following these simple instructions…

  1. Go the The Slums room
  2. Make a run up to your left
  3. Crash through the wall to the left of the pizza portal at medium height, and you’ll break through into a tunnel
  4. Travel through the tunnel towards the secret room

About The Game

Pizza Tower is a fun new indie game that was heavily inspired by the Wario Land series. The game is a 2D platformer, and features graphics and animations similar to the styles popular in the ’90s, as you traverse the whacky platforms. The game also features an awesome retro-style soundtrack!