Featured Image for our news on Plants vs. Zombies 3. It features talking plants and flowers and the hands of a few zombies. One flower is smiling, while the leaves can be seen as pretty angry.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 Soft Launches On iOS Today

Plants vs. Zombies is back with the third installment. Yes, the fun tower defense puzzler with talking plants and creepy zombies has soft launched on iOS and Android. It’s titled Plants vs. Zombies 3 Welcome to Zomburbia. It launches on the App Store in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland and the Philippines today.

Ready To Defend The Towers?

Similar to the previous titles in the series, Plants vs Zombies 3 sticks to its roots as a tower defense game. Strategize and let vibrant plants fight the waves of zombies. Apparently, there’s also a story-driven narrative this time. Set in Neighborville, you get to play episodes structured in a proper timeline.

While they’re in this soft launch phase, the dev team at PopCap Studios and Electronic Arts are all ears for player feedback. They’re planning to toss in new characters, expand the lore and add extra bits to make the combat even smoother. You can even expect to be able to create your own version of Neighborville!

Played Any Zombies Yet?

This isn’t your average game where you take part in player vs player (PvP), player vs environment (PvE) or player vs monster (PvM) battles. It’s a PvZ battle! Plants vs Zombies (PvZ) is a game that blends puzzles, tower defense and fun cartoonish plant characters that are vibrant and quirky.

Plants vs Zombies 3 was first unveiled in 2019. It went through soft launches in 2020 and 2021. Now, it’s getting ready to hit the global stage later this year. The first instalment of the series dropped in 2009 for PC and Mac. EA scooped up the developers, PopCap Games, in 2011, leading to the sequel in 2013. If you want to know more about the game, check out the official website.

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