Poster for Plants Warfare featuring some of the characters and enemies from the game. It also has the name of the title printed partly in green and partly in yellow.

Vegetarian Zombies? Plant VS Zombies Like Game, Plants Warfare, Coming to Mobile on January 31

Yueyoo Games has started pre-registrations for Plants Warfare. The upcoming Q-style game will be released for mobile devices on January 31. It is a match-3 game with delightful aesthetics, combining roguelike elements with tower defence gameplay.

Plants Warfare may give you Deja Vu because of its similarity to the EA title Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare. However, both games are quite different with Plants Warfare featuring an entirely different gameplay.

You can traverse across multiple well-designed and immersive maps utilizing your team’s botanical abilities to defeat the undead. The game forces you to strategise against the onslaught of undeads as each plant has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. From burning and freezing to straight-up exploding the zombies, there’s a lot to plan for!

About Plants Warfare

In Plants Warfare, you are part of a nature-themed setting that is continually invaded by the undead. You will need to upgrade your botanical characters regularly so they can step up in good time to mount fatal attacks on their enemies and defend your remaining lineup. You will also be required to match different elements to push back a recurring wave of the undead.

Featuring a set of handy controls in portrait mode, the game makes room for a lot of fun despite the casual nature of the colourful title. Its roguelike elements come into play when random rewards start appearing on the battlefield after your enemies have been defeated.

These rewards offer different upgrades across all 40 plants, each having its own unique attributes and multiple abilities. Summon your plants to protect your home space by using your rewards to increase their speed and boost their strength.

If you want to give Plants Warfare a try, you can do so by pre-ordering it on the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android. Even though the game is free to play, it allows users to make in-app purchases if they so desire.

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