Woah, You Can Now Play ‘Flappy Bird’ on an E-Cigarette

Yes, you read that headline right. With some clever hacking, a guy has managed to make Flappy Bird playable on an e-cigarette. If that isn’t proof we live in the future, I don’t know what is.

Earlier this week, a YouTuber/crazy genius by the name of Balázs Bánk uploaded a video of himself running a port of the popular mobile game on an eVic-VTC Mini. For anyone who owns the same model of e-cig and wants to try the hack themselves, Bánk has provided full instructions in the video’s description on YouTube.

As an ex-smoker and current user of an e-cig (not to mention a recovering Flappy Bird addict), this story tickles me no end. Although, sadly, my decidedly low-tech vaping rig is unable to run the game.

Source: Kotaku