Play Together Lunar New Year 2024

Celebrate The Year Of Azure Dragon In Play Together Lunar New Year 2024!

It’s time to celebrate the New Year in the Play Together universe! HAEGIN just dropped a super cool update for Play Together Lunar New Year 2024. Since 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, get ready to celebrate the year with the Guardian Dragon event and more quests!

Celebrate The Year Of The Dragon

In the Year of the Dragon event, the Guardian Dragon and his pupil swing by Kaia Island for a visit. But uh-oh, seems like the Guardian Dragon misplaced his Chintamanis. So, that kicks off a wild quest where you help the Dragon locate his Chintamanis!

The more you help the Guardian Dragon out, the more event coins you’ll rack up. You can spend those coins at Paraahn’s Guardian Dragon Shop to snag awesome goodies.  You even have the chance to score exclusive goodies like a slick Guardian Dragon costume and a super cute azure dragon-themed ride.

Welcome the Azure Dragons!

The Azure Dragons have arrived on Kaia Island! These massive creatures are known as Gigantic Azure Dragons. They can be spotted in certain areas in the sea and around the Resort. Want to catch one? You’ll need a fishing rod loaded with Sacred Bait, which you can make at the workshop.

To amp up the Play Together Lunar New Year 2024 celebrations, there’s a brand-new Year of the Azure Dragon photo zone in the Plaza area. Plus, spread the love with special Valentine’s Day festivities! NPC Chocolat will be dropping by on February 12th, dishing out missions and goodies for all you romantics out there!

So, are you excited about the Play Together Lunar New Year 2024? If you have never played the game before, it’s a social game where flaunting your in-game riches to friends is the norm. There are tons of options to have fun, from battling zombies to grooming your pets. Sounds interesting? Head to the App Store and grab the game.

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