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This New Year, Play Together Lets You Fight With Snowballs And Snag Gifts Aplenty!

Happy New Year, folks! Plenty of fun is going down in the world of Play Together this New Year’s Day. From the latest update where you can fight with snowballs to the new New Year events, it’s definitely time to play together! Keep reading to know more.

Play Together And Fight Together!

Continuing the holiday winter vibes, Play Together recently rolled out a time-limited event called SnowWars on Kaia Island. It’s an exclusive snowball fight where you can head to the Plaza area, hop into an igloo, and join the snowball battle with some cool gear.

An event that doesn’t feature special items? No way! Follow Billy’s Battle Guide and snag items like the Snow Ghillie Suit and Snow Goggles by completing missions laid out in the battle guide by Pengu. Earn thousands of game bucks by throwing snowballs 30 times, taking down your foes with snowballs, or just opening a gift box in Open Sesame!

The snowball events will be available twice per day from December 30, 2023, to January 10, 2024. There will be seven different events with multiple levels and missions. Win the ultimate Snowball Fight Master Championship by defeating 10 players.

Oh, and it’s not just about snowballs and fights. Billy will ask you to carry out plenty of other fun side activities to earn more rewards or level up. For starters, you can try visiting a home party and see how your friends decorated their houses!

And don’t forget, those fights might leave you pretty exhausted and hungry. While your attack and HP increase when you acquire batteries, there’s food to help you regain your stamina, too. Collect field rations to buy an egg tart at the Mega mart or a steak at the resort. From salmon steak and buttered lobster to mushroom cream pasta, the options are too many and too yummy!

Cheers To 2024!

After the epic New Year countdown event, Haru has some 2024-themed items to add to the celebration. Also, the Gifts Aplenty Attendance event starts today. Log in every day for 28 days to snag various items, including a Themed Draw item, a Pet Egg, and the Figure Skating Snow Globe Vehicle. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the game from the App Store if you haven’t already!

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