Featured Image for Please Touch The Artwork 2. It features a skeletal hand touching an artwork inspired by James Ensor's original artwork.

Pour Your Artistic Heart Out As Please, Touch The Artwork 2 Is Coming Soon

If art is something that piques your interest, then we’ve got some news for you! After its successful launch in 2022, Please, Touch The Artwork is now getting a sequel! Thomas Waterzooi is the solo developer of the award-winning puzzler. He announced that the sequel will roll out in early 2024 on iOS, Android and PC.

What Else Do We Know?

Please, Touch The Artwork 2 will explore the themes of expressionism and surrealism through James Ensor’s artwork. Ensor, a Belgian painter, is known for his art featuring bizarre fantastical elements and social jibes. Channelling the spirit of Ensor’s art, the upcoming sequel will let you guide a skeleton to solve various art puzzles. The main goal is to find the hidden items throughout the different levels while learning the stories behind each artwork.

Catch a glimpse of the trailer below!

The First Version of Please, Touch The Artwork

Full of slick visuals and artsy music, the original game lets you explore over 150 puzzles and more than 160 levels through abstract paintings. It is divided into three totally different games. Set in a museum, the first one deals with abstract art. You get to converse with a museum keeper to solve each puzzle.  The second one is about Boogie & Woogie, two squares who are in way too much love with each other. The last game is set in a city with an emotional yet funny story running in the background.

It has a collection of intriguing brain teasers which the game introduces at a steady pace as you cross each level. You get to learn about iconic paintings and quotes by famous artists. If you have yet to experience this bizarre art journey, give the game a try. Check it out in the App Store. Also, if you’re a manhwa fan, check out our news on Solo Leveling: ARISE.