Pocket Heroes Release Announcement!

This just in from Ayopa Games:

“[We’re] excited to announce the release of Pocket Heroes on July 12 for iPhone and iPod Touch at a launch price of $0.99.  In the first collaboration between publisher Ayopa Games and indie developer F5 Games, Pocket Heroes offers deep, rewarding, and fun RPG quests, and ups the ante by adding social, cooperative play to the mix, creating a rich multiplayer-only cooperative RPG for iPhone and iPod Touch. As an exclusively social experience, Pocket Heroes will reward players for playing with friends, with bigger bonuses for bigger parties. Add in classic RPG elements like leveling, unique classes, and tons of gear and loot, and you have a winning formula for mobile gamers eager to take their role-playing social.

Pocket Heroes is the only cooperative multiplayer RPG built for the iPhone that lets you quest with friends on an epic fantasy adventure without a large time commitment.”

Some of the game’s features include: multiple character classes, twenty enemy types, full Game Center support and a promise of content updates as time goes on. If you’re a fan of retro Strategy RPGs and welcome a social edge to the experience, it sounds like you’d better keep your eyes on this one. Check out F5 Games’ dedicated website as well as the Ayopa fact sheet above, and here’s a preview video: