‘Pocket Mortys’ Update Adds 19 New Mortys to the Mix

So — all you fans of Pocket Mortys — have you finally squanched them all yet, or are you still working on just getting Rick’s iconic portal-gun back from the Council of Ricks? Well — even if you had the confidence to say: “yes, I have indeed captured them all” — the correct answer would actually be “no,” seeing as how Adult Swim and Big Pixel Games just released a totally-free content-packed update! You’ve now got an additional nineteen brand new Mortys to track down and catalogue for science, resulting in there now existing a grand total of 101 different Mortys with which to humiliate the High Council.

This update furthermore includes various typographical and grammatical minded fixes, as well as the utter eradication of a bug that previously made it impossible to obtain the “Mascot Morty” without resorting to Blips and Chitz tickets. If you haven’t already checked out Pocket Mortys — which we recently gave a stellar review — then there really hasn’t been a better time to check the game out, especially since it’s all absolutely free! Sadly, there still doesn’t exist an option for people to battle it out against each other online — so that everyone can finally determine whom has the best team of Mortys — but perhaps that will be an update for another time.