‘Pocket Mortys’ Updated With a Multitude of New Stuff

In a multi-verse filled with an infinite-array of vastly-different wide-ranging possibilities, who’s to say that everyone out there enjoying Pocket Mortys (our review) needs to be playing precisely the same Rick Sanchez? If you’ve ever wondered this yourself, then the good news is that Adult Swim Games recently released a Pocket Mortys update which enables players to venture forth as a plethora of alternate-universe Ricks. Some of these will be unlocked freely as you take on the Council, some of these can be unlocked at the in-game vendor via Schmeckles, and some of these will require Blips and Chitz tickets.

Thankfully Blips and Chitz tickets are a bit easier to earn en masse these days than they previously used to be, all thanks to the addition of the Morty Games that debuted a few months back. The Morty Games — a place where players can win exclusive Mortys — is an arena where you battle against other Morty teams, with the big caveat being that you aren’t allowed to use any of your own personal Mortys. Instead players are required to craft a winning team from a list of offered Mortys, and afterwards play through a series of battles based on various events from the hit show (such as the Cromulon Invasion).

Other new inclusions — or at least they’ll be new to those who’ve been away awhile — involve the Morty Bootcamp, which lets you do away-training on the smorgasbord of Mortys you probably have rotting over in Day Care. This is a nice thing, since they’ve added tons of additional Mortys — of all shapes and sizes — since Pocket Mortys launched for absolutely-free back in January (ergo, you’d never sanely train them all otherwise). What’s more — if Adult Swim Games is to be believed — they’re far from done yet, meaning we could likely be seeing even more content-packed updates for Pocket Mortys well into the next year!