Pocket7Games Guide: How to Navigate the Virtual Casino

Playing casual games is already a great way to spend your downtime, but some people like to add a little spice by putting money on the line.

In the hands of a responsible player an app like Pocket7Games can add a whole new dimension of fun and challenge to a session of virtual bubble-popping, bingo playing, or shot dunking.

This handy guide will walk you through the basics and help you get set up.


The games in Pocket7Games are played head-to-head against other players. There’s a matchmaking system, so you should only ever be put up against another player at about the same level as you.

Both you and your opponent are dealt the same cards, or presented with the same board, and the winner is simply the person who manages to accumulate the most points. The games on offer include the Blackjack variant 21 Gold, the Tetris-esque Tile Blitz, Solitaire, Dunk Shot, 2048 Blitz, and many more.

As well as one-off games there are tournaments involving multiple players in various brackets. The more you can rank up, the better your prize will be. 

There are four ways to play: Ticket Games, Speedy Skirmish, Cash Games, and Free Entry Events. 

Ticket Games can be played for free, and so they’re perfect for getting in a bit of practise before you take on another player for cash or prizes. Tickets are basically the virtual currency in Pocket7Games.

1V1 games offer the widest range of entry fees and prize pools. You can spend as little as ten tickets on a Ticket Game, or as much as 8,000 if you’re feeling confident. While that sounds like a lot, bear in mind that the prize pool for an 8,000 ticket game is 60 cents, so you’re still very much in the shallow end. 

Then there are the multiplayer games, in which several players all compete for the prize pool. These come in 5-player and 6-player modes. A 5-player match costs 2,000 tickets and offers an 8,000 ticket prize pool, while a 6-player match costs 5,000 and offers a prize pool of $1. 

Speedy Skirmish games are super-cheap at just 500 tickets, and they let you win $1 in no time at all. 500 tickets for a $1 prize is a decent return, given that it costs 5,000 tickets for a $1 prize pool in most modes, but you have to be extremely competitive at the games you’re playing to stand a chance of pocketing some cash. 

Each Speedy Skirmish game is made up of multiple rounds, tournament-style, with tickets, rank, and bonus cash available at each level. Every time you advance you’ll be matched with another opponent who has just defeated somebody, meaning the contest inevitably gets tougher as it goes on.

Cash Games see you taking on a single opponent matched to your skill level. The games available in this mode are the same as the ones you can play in the free entry mode, but for cash and prizes. 

There are different levels of difficulty, starting with Beginner and progressing all the way through to Enthusiast. The prizes on offer naturally ratchet up with the difficulty, and at the higher levels the prize pools run from $20 to $2,000. 

Cash Skirmish lets you play in either free entry or paid versions, with the number of players restricted at the higher levels. If you find yourself in a high level paid Cash Skirmish, you’ll have to beat a series of opponents to claim a series of increasingly generous prizes. You can buy in for just $5, and the prize pools can go as high as $100. 

Challenger and Free Entry Events, meanwhile, lets you pay to enter a particularly intense contest against an unlimited number of high skill players. These occur daily at fixed time slots.

There are at least two Challenger events a day, and five Free Entry Events a day. The main difference between the two is the entry fee (you can guess which ones are free) and the jackpots – with those for Challengers often exceeding $100.

Other Ways to Get Free Cash

Playing games isn’t the only way to earn cash in Pocket7Games – though it’s definitely the most enjoyable. 

Other ways include inviting new players, which gives you the opportunity to win up to $70 through the Cash Miner event, and becoming an L1 player – which is more straightforward than it sounds. 

When you first make a deposit, you automatically become an L1 “Explorer”, yielding four Free Spin Coins, your own special wheel, and a Ticket Multiplier, which multiplies the tickets you win by x1.3. 

You can increase your membership level for better perks. Once you’ve managed to earn 400 P7 points, you’ll go up to L3 “Appreciator” status, netting you another ten Free Spin Coins, another special wheel, and a Ticket Multiplayer upgrade to x1.5.

Reaching this level also entitles you to join special events with huge prize pools. These events are a major perk of reaching L3, since they’re designed around the super-fun skill-based cash games, frequently cost nothing to play, and boast huge prize pools. 


Outside the main game modes, there are several minigames you can play to boost your chances of earning some scratch. 

For a start, you can buy Lucky Cards with the Gems you earn by completing daily challenges. Then, you just need to draw a high card to win prizes or up to $50 in cash.

You’ll also get Scratchers for completing your first 7-day login streak, giving you another chance to win a bit of cash. 

Then there are Lucky Boxes, which you’ll find on the deposit screen. Opening a Lucky Box lets you win tickets automatically, and you can go back for more every three hours. 

The Fortuity Wheel is, as its name suggests, a wheel that you can spin every so often for various different prizes and rewards. You’ll get Spin Coins every Wednesday, with the number of coins you receive rising according to your membership level. 

You can wager as many or as few coins as you like on a spin, and even double your winnings by playing Dice Dare, potentially netting you thousands of extra tickets at no additional cost. 

Deposit and Withdrawal

1. Legality 

Before you can deposit or withdraw money, you’ll need to provide your age and location to demonstrate that you’re legally permitted to play. That means you need to be at least 18.

2. How to deposit

The deposit process is incredibly straightforward. Just head to the Deposit tab at the bottom of the screen and choose how much cash you want to put in. Once you’ve entered an amount, you’ll get a preview of your balance after you complete the transaction.

3. Choose a payment method

Next, you’ll need to choose a payment method. You can go with your debit/credit card or Paypal, and if you opt for “Faster Pay” you’ll get 30 free Spin Coins for your first deposit. That means a ton of chances to win cash prizes on the Fortuity Wheel, as well as the chance to double everything you win in extra spins. Once your payment is processed, your funds will be available immediately, giving you instant access to new game modes.  

4. How to withdraw cash

Again, super-easy. Pick “Withdrawal” from the drop-down menu in the top-right of your screen to view your current balance, which is broken down into “Bonus Cash” and cash that’s available for withdrawal. Then you just need to enter the amount you want to withdraw and tap “Submit.” 

To complete the withdrawal, you’ll need to link your Pocket7Games profile with your Facebook, Apple, or email account and input your basic contact info. Your winnings will go into the account you used to make your deposit. 

Have fun – and play responsibly!