‘Pokémon’-esque RPG ‘EvoCreo’ Clears Kickstarter Goal, Headed to iOS in the Near Future

1pantalla-12The Kickstarter dreams of Ebrahim Behbahani were recently realized when the world decided to successfully fund his plans for a new Monster Catching RPG known as EvoCreo. The game – thanks to the successful funding – is expected to ship out for Android sometime in May and then later on be made available for iOS, PC, and Ouya formats (a stretch goal bonus). Included in the project’s small development team is a man known as David Orr, whom some of you out there may better known as the guy who composed the music for the XBLA beat’em up Castle Crashers.

EvoCreo promises to offer mobile platform holders a title that looks and plays a lot more like Pokémon than some of the other clones in the field, while still managing to have meaningful twists and gameplay mechanics all its own. The developers have promised that it should launch with over 100 different Creos to catch, evolve, and train as you journey forth on the hero’s quest to save his father from the sinister clutches of ShadowHive. Those seeking an early peek can check out the game’s current alpha build for free using either their Android device, or an emulator known as Bluestacks that will let them run said demo on their PC.

Source: Kickstarter