Featured Image for Pokémon Go Community Day. It features Pikachu standing in a land with green grass and trees.

Catch Rare Pokémon on the Final Pokémon Go Community Day of 2023!

The last Pokémon Go Community Day is here! Well, almost! Since it’s the last one of 2023, it has to be more special than the previous Community Days, right? So, keep reading to know when the big day is and what’s in store this time.

Pokémon Go Community Day!

In case you don’t know, Community Day is a cool monthly event where a rare or uncommon Pokémon takes the spotlight for a limited time. The event is taking place on December 16 and 17. The rad thing about this event is that all the Pokémon featured in the previous Community Days of 2023 will be there!

On December 16, from 2 pm to 5 pm, the game will feature five Pokémon. During the same time on December 17, you can encounter seven other Pokémon. Also, if you’re lucky, you may catch a shiny Pokémon like Mareep, Charmander, Squirtle, Larvitar, and Swinub during the last ten minutes of each hour between 2 pm and 5 pm.

Apart from the above, twelve more Pokémon will appear in one-star raids and hatch 2 km eggs. Ooh, lots of Pokémon to catch hold of!

There will also be different featured attacks and lots of bonuses during the event. If you’re a trainer above level 31, then you’ll get 2x XP, Stardust, and XL Candy for your catches along with eggs that hatch midway. To learn more about the Pokémon Go Community Day, head to the official website of Pokémon Go.

What is Pokémon Go?

I’m sure it needs no introduction! But for the few people who might be unaware, Pokémon Go is an F2P game where you get to catch and collect Pokémon. Cute! It’s quite engaging, especially because they frequently roll out new content and events. Check out the game on the App Store if you haven’t already.

So, there’s definitely going to be plenty of action in just two days! I hope you’re excited to snag some rare ones in 2023’s final Pokémon Go Community Day. Until you wait for the D-day, here’s a new game to check out – Dr.STONE Battle Craft!