Pokémon Rumble Rush is Out Right Now on iOS

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of Pokémon on mobile, The Pokémon Company goes and releases another one.

The latest is Pokémon Rumble Rush, which challenges you to journey across a variety of islands on your search for rare Pokémon.

Pokémon Rumble Rush Challenges You to Collect Your Favourite Pokémon

Using just one hand, you’ll clear a wide variety of different stages as your favourite Pokémon.

That involves largely tapping to pull off a variety of different moves i combat. Along the way you’ll pick up various different resources that you an spend on upgrading your Pokémon.

Not only is there a standard mode full of stages to battle but there are also challenging stages like the Super Boss Rush, which involves selecting your favourite Pokémon to battle.

So head on over to the App Store right now to grab Pokémon Rumble Rush for free. Pokémon fans will love it.