Pokemon Unite Out Now on the App Store

Poke-MOBA Pokemon Unite has just landed on the App Store, bringing with it some frantic 5v5 battles featuring your favorite pocket monsters. Pocket monsters on your pocket phone. What a world we live in.

The game sees you teaming up to battle it out against a group of other players to collect Aeos energy. Dump that in towers to score points and smash up your opponents’ defenses. It’s not quite a hardcore MOBA, but it’s not quite a midcore MOBA either. It’s, like, mardcore?

There’s a decent tutorial here so you know what you’ve got to do, and thanks to the cross-platform nature of the game, you’re never going to spend too long trying to find a match. Which is nice. Here’s a trailer.

There are a bunch of different Pokemon to choose from, and they each have unique moves and skill-sets. You need to work together with your team, and there are communication options, including voice-chat.

The game is free to play with IAP and you can click here to download Pokemon Unite from the App Store right this second. We reckon it’s worth a crack.