Post-Apocalyptic RPG ‘Graywalkers: Purgatoy’ Raising Funds through Kickstarter


Sometime in the not too distant future there occurred a cataclysmic event – known only as the “Great Rupture” – that smashed parts of Heaven, Earth, and Hell together into one amalgamated landscape. Our world got displaced where ever chunks of Heaven or Hell collided with Earth, and those cast off segments – for reasons unknown – all combined into a new land mass located in the Bermuda Triangle. This new continent – referred to as “Purgatory” – has been the last safe bastion of humanity for a while now, protected by the same mystical Bermuda energies that used to mess up radars.

However – since all good things must come to an end – that supernatural aura surrounding Purgatory is finally beginning to weaken, and conquesting demons are now starting to invade. Your fully customizable hero – destined to be the greatest Graywalker ever, the chosen saviors of humanity – must seek out 36 others that can help him push back the infernal onslaught. Along the way emergent gameplay will occur where the choices you make will have dynamic long lasting effects on what happens in the plot, who you can recruit, your reputation with various warring factions, and other things.

a51cc25be188573fc1760f4539353b86_largePlayers will responsible for managing resource gathering for new strongholds – which they might have to later defend from those they ‘liberated’ it from – as well as ammo and supplies. You won’t be able to handle this entirely alone for long, therefore you’ll have to decide which of the warring factions – such as the “Lost Vegas” crime lords, or the “Human Alliance” elitists, to name a few – you choose to ally yourself with. You’re also be forced to decide how you wish to deal with the oft feared demi-humans that have resulted from the mingling of humanity and otherworldly elements: the Dhampir, the Wolfkin, the Nephilim, and the Cambion.

While people still have access to many of the same things that existed in the 21st century – such as guns – they’re all now starting to become quite rare commodities, leading to a resurgence in the popularity of medieval weaponry. Furthermore, some special few – thanks to the addition of mystical energy now pouring into the mortal realm from both Heaven and Hell – have discovered they are capable of bending the arcane arts to their will. Heck, there’s even some scientists researching ways to combine the remnants of dwindling old technology with the new infinite supplies of magic to create profoundly potent new arsenal types.

5ae4fbe4dfce87af877956f6f988e1e6_largeCombat in this game – which is displayed via a fully 3D isometric perspective – will be presented either as a Turn Based RPG, or a Real-Time RPG, with the player capable of switching back and forth at will. Winning conflicts will cause everyone on your team to get stronger, giving you points with which to specialize them on various job paths – allowing for maximum customization – however you see fit. However, you’ll also need to keep a tab on which of your team members aren’t necessarily getting along very well or you might have to deal with some “completely accidental” friendly fire occurring on the battlefield.

Thus goes the set up to Dreamlords Digital’s proposed Graywalkers: Purgatory, a title that the team has said will derive inspiration from multiple influences: Fallout, X-Com, Jagged Alliance, Baldur’s Gate, Arcanum, Wasteland, and many others. Therefore – in order to get this project off the ground – Dreamlords Digital recently launched a Kickstarter to raise a grand total of $100k, with around $15k secured so far, before November 28th rolls around. While their initial launch plan focuses on getting a PC release out the door first, the developers have claimed that Graywalkers: Purgatory will also be available on high end mobile devices shortly thereafter.