‘Potion Punch’ Review: A Tasty Time Management Game

In Potion Punch (out now, free), you’ll be both bartender and cook … Oh, and, an alchemist too.

This time management game starts slowly, with a gnome to guide you along. He’ll tell you how to blend your potions, which come in red, blue, and yellow, as well as all the secondary colors you can mix. Aside from orange, green, and purple, it includes brown, which incorporates all three primary colors. These three basic potions are contained in dispensers, which you’ll have to tap to restock whenever they run out. You’ll be given one mixing cup at first, but you can purchase more cups in the upgrade store using gold you earn from your customers.

PotionPunch_Screenshot_4In addition to potions, you’ll also be selling snacks, such as geckos, which you’ll grill whenever a customer places an order. As you progress through the game, you’ll be given more types of snacks and potions to cook and blend. Extras customers may order for their potions include health gels and snake swizzlers, and some special customers may want their potions layered in different colors. The game graphics are cute, and if you make your customers wait too long they’ll get noticeably angry and leave you smaller tips, so you’ve got to practice filling up those potion cups fast!

You’ll be given daily goals to meet, such as a minimum number of customers to serve. Your earnings will depend not only on your sales, but also any food wastage and customers lost. After the first few levels/days, the game may feel repetitive, but it will also get more frantic as the orders get increasingly varied. Luckily, plenty of upgrades are available for purchase, which makes it more interesting. Some upgrades may however need gems, which are much harder to earn than gold. If you don’t wish to make any in-app purchases with real money, you’ll have to work toward meeting achievements to earn gem rewards, which takes time.

Currently, Potion Punch offers three shop venues, beginning with Starluck Village. More locations will be available in future.


There have been time management games I’ve enjoyed more than Potion Punch, which can feel repetitive, especially during the earlier levels. However, since this is free to try, there’s no harm in testing your alchemistic blending skills. It’s also a fun way to hone your mental dexterity.

Lots of upgrades
Fast paced
Cute graphics
May feel repetitive
Gems aren't easy to get outside of IAPs