pre-order Warframe mobile

Want To Don Bio-Metal Suits? Pre-Order Warframe Mobile And Dive Into Action!

Warframe, the popular action third-person shooter multiplayer is dropping soon on iOS devices. Apparently, this mobile expansion is going to be huge! It drops on February 20th by Digital Extremes and you can now pre-order Warframe mobile on your iOS devices.

Ever Played Warframe?

It’s liked by many players, and I don’t disagree with them at all! It is a free-to-play game with tons of Warframes (skins), weapons and quests. In the game, you’re a space warrior called Tenno and don powerful biomechanical suits called Warframes.

These titular suits come with their own set of killer abilities and roles. Some of the best ones are Gauss, Xaku, Voruna, Kullervo and Octavia (with her epic musical skills)! With around 50 different Warframes to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Also, it’s an open world, so there are diverse places to explore with stunning visuals. You make your own path through missions and planets. The Void, Duviri, Fortuna and Deimos are some of the coolest places in the game, visually as well as in terms of features.

The weapons are quite awesome, too! You get prime versions, customizable versions and more. Companions and pets add another layer of fun, especially those cute little cats! So, go ahead and check out the game on the App Store. If multiplayer shooters are your thing, then pre-order Warframe mobile right away! Also, catch a glimpse of the game below!

Pre-order Warframe Mobile Now!

As a free-to-play game, Warframe offers a lot. I hope the mobile version matches it’s PC and console counterparts. The game offers a bunch of modes, like Steel Path, Nightmare and Crossfire. You can trade stuff in-game for platinum, the premium currency, and snag exclusive gear and suits.

The title also lets you modify your weapons and Warframes to fit your playstyle perfectly. It’s a blast and I hope you’re going to pre-order Warframe mobile before it hits the scene on February 20th! Till then, check out our other story Tower of God: New World x 7DS: Dragon’s Judgement Crossover Drops Today!