Pre-Registration for Contra Returns now Live on the App Store

Contra is coming to mobile next month in the shape of Contra Returns, and you can pre-register for the game right this second. Contra Returns looks to capture the beefcake-y blasting of the original in a smaller, more handheld form.

You can team up with players online for some co-op alien slaughter, or fight against them if you’d rather do that. There are plenty of different modes as well – team, story and challenge to name just three.

Want to watch a trailer that shows sweaty, ripped dudes picking up guns and doing pull-ups? Of course you do, so here’s one.

Told you. Contra Returns is going to be a free to play game with some IAPs. It might be pretty good – shooting things is always fun, and if the game can balance out the challenge of the original with some more modern ideas, it might just work.

You can click here to pre-order Contra Returns from the App Store right this second. It’s set to launch on July 26th, so you’ve got about a month to wait for this one.