Featured image for Project BSS by NCSOFT. It features the protagonist Yoo Seol and other characters behind her.

NCSOFT Gives A Sneak Peek Into Project BSS, An Upcoming Gran Saga Alternative

The trailer for Project BSS is out! At the G-Star 2023, NCSOFT, who developed Project G earlier this year, had a sweet surprise for RPG fans. Project BSS is a collectible RPG for iOS, Android and PC. The plot is based on NCSOFT’s MMORPG Blade & Soul IP with active original characters. Set to release in 2024, Project BSS will revolve around a new protagonist Yoo Seol.

More About Project BSS

The trailer features real-time gameplay with vibrant graphical elements. The game will have battles in both dynamic action and tactical combat. This will enhance the gameplay and make collecting and combining elements quite exciting. You’ll also be able to fight epic battles with multiple players together. Can’t wait any more? Take a look at the trailer here.

Project BSS is set three years prior to the original Blade & Soul. The game lets you activate various cooperation mechanisms to obstruct your enemy’s attack. The characters are quite flexible, meaning, they can adapt to changing combat conditions.

Adventure coupled with action, you’ll fight enemies and collect heroes to upgrade your skills. You can choose from 60 heroes throughout the game. You can also use skills of up to five characters, including the leader, into a party, and combat the enemy. You would need to attack each of your enemies individually instead of them being automatically targeted.

Along with Project BSS, NCSOFT also released details of three other upcoming projects Project G, Project LLL and Project M. Project LLL is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) shooting game, while Project G is an MMORTS. So, you can go and check out the official website of G-Star to get the latest scoop. And if you love word puzzle games, then check out this new fun game, Gubbins with colourful tiles and adorable doodle-style art!