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Project Mugetsu Clan Guide (April, 2023)

Looking for some more information on the different clans in Project Mugetsu? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a Project Mugetsu clan guide, detailing the different clans in the game, as well as their specialities. The developer only just released the game, so little information is available for clans. For that reason, we’ll continue to update this guide as details become more widely available.

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Project Mugetsu Clan Guide

You might be wondering what a clan is in Project Mugetsu. Well, a clan is a group that you’re a part of within the game. Unlike other RPGs where you might do some research and then choose which clan is best for you, in Project Mugetsu, you spin a clan, and whichever one you land on is the one you join. Of course, you can re-spin if you’re not satisfied, but that’ll cost you Robux!

Not all clans are equal. Each clan has different abilities and bonus features unique to them, and some are better than others. The game’s even given these different clans a rarity rating, which we’ll explore a little more.

Clan Rarities

As promised, we’ve listed the different clan rarities (highlighted in bold) below, with the clans that belong to the specified rarity next to them.

  • War Power: Urahara, Kurosaki
  • Mythic: Kyoraku, Yamamoto, Kuchiki, Uryu
  • Legendary: Shihoin, Hitsugaya, Unohana, Hisagi, Ichimaru
  • Rare: Iba, Kira, Valkyrie, Ushoda, Amagi, Hirako, Sarugaki
  • Uncommon: Kutsuzawa, Yadomaru, Kotetsu, Inoue, Muguruma, Dokugamine, Shishigawara, Yukio, Ginjo, Tsukishima

Some rarities speak for themselves, such as Rare and Uncommon, but rarities such as Mythic aren’t so self-explanatory. For that reason, we’ve listed them in order of rarity in order of rarest to the least rare.