The featured image for our Project Mugetsu Hisagi guide, featuring a character from the game talking to a crying girl named Ayesha in the dark streets.

Project Mugetsu Hisagi Guide (2023)

Looking for the clan buffs for the Hisagi on Project Mugetsu? Then your search ends here! We’ve created a Project Mugetsu Hisagi guide that will detail the different clan buffs, as well as some extra information about the clan.

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Project Mugetsu Hisagi

We’ll now dive into the guide at hand!

Who Are The Hisagi?

Hisagi is a clan in Project Mugetsu. The clan is legendary rated, making it an above average group. Being apart of the clan gives you unique abilities, just like other clans in the game, which may make other players sort after it. Arguably, the Hisagi clan is one of the most popular clans in the game.

There’s no question that the game was inspired heavily by the hugely popular anime, Bleach. In Bleach, the Hisagi are a clan that wear samurai-like robes, and the clan often functions to assist Ryoka Komamura’s mission. This is due to Entei Hisagi, the leader of the clan, being good friends with Ryoka.

Clan Buffs

As promised, we’ll now move onto detailing the different buffs that this clan will give you!

  • Expert Swordsman (the user gets a 1.2x mastery buff on swords)
  • Enhanced Endurance (when under 15%, the user’s damage intake is split in half)
  • Immense Spiritual Power (the maximum Reiatsu bar increases)
  • +2 Block
  • +55 Health
  • Explosive Beads (an attack where you use multiple beads to explode)
  • +65 Reiatsu
  • +1.8 Sword
  • Enhanced Strength (when under 25%, the user damage is increased by 25)
  • Adaptability (only available at 25% health, adapt to your surroundings with a speed boost)