The featured image for our Project Mugetsu Hollow guide, featuring a side-profile of a character with light brown spiky hair looking moodily into the distance.

Project Mugetsu Hollow Guide

Are you looking to transform yourself into a Hollow? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created a Project Mugetsu Hollow guide that will teach you how to complete the Hollow quest, and become a Hollow. We’ll also dive into the eating count per body part as a Hollow!

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Project Mugetsu Hollow Guide

We’ll now jump into the guide! Becoming a Hollow is actually quite easy, and it’s something that you can do right from the beginning of the game. Just follow these simple steps…

  1. Speak to Aizen and receive a quest to kill a Soul Reaper
  2. Kill a Soul Reaper – you’ll find them dotted around the map (they look like green humanoids)
  3. After, go back to Aizen and talk to him

After you speak to Aizen a second time, he’ll transform you into a Hollow and teleport you to a new location.

Eating Count

As promised, here’s the Hollow eating count. We’ve put it up against a Human, Soul Reaper, and some others as a way to compare how much XP you can get from each body part!

  • Adjucha – 3 XP per body part
  • Arrancar – 4 XP per body part
  • Base Hollow – 1 XP per body part
  • Base Soul Reaper – 2 XP per body part
  • Human – 1 XP per body part
  • Vasto Lorde – 4 XP per body part

The next stage in your journey is to evolve into a Menos. We plan on expanding on how to get to that stage further in a future guide, but for now – you can become a Menos by collecting 650 XP. It’s quite the grind, but you’ll get there eventually by continuously eating body parts. You’ll also need to be at least Level 5 in order to evolve.