The featured image for our Project Mugetsu Leveling guide, featuring a man getting stabbed by a blue haired woman.

Project Mugetsu Leveling Guide (April, 2023)

Struggling with leveling your character up in Project Mugetsu? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a Project Mugetsu leveling guide where we’ll dive deep into the process, detailing all kinds of tips-and-tricks! By the end of this guide you’ll be a leveling expert, unlocking the ability to speed-run the game!

Project Mugetsu is an exciting new Roblox game available on a variety of platforms. For more information, join the game’s official Roblox group. If you’re looking for more Project Mugetsu content, check out our Project Mugetsu Shikai tier list, as well as our Project Mugetsu Clan guide. If you’re interested in a different Roblox game, have a read of our Fruit Battlegrounds tier list.

Project Mugetsu Leveling Guide

Leveling is a big part of Project Mugetsu. The game is presented as a sort of RPG, where certain parts of the game are locked until your character is a high enough level. The game also throws Mastery into the mix, making it quite the complex Roblox game!

Without further ado, we’ll dive right into the guide! We’ve split each trick into it’s own section, allowing you to focus on what you need to, and making it easier for you to read!

Farm Enemies

We’ll start off with what is probably the most obvious way to level up, and that’s by farming enemies. Each one you drop will produce XP (or, in this game, body parts) for you to devour. It’s quite the grind and overall a slow process, but if you like the game’s combat, then you might even enjoy it!

The game offers a variety of enemies, but the Rogue Shinigami is the one you’ll likely be getting your points from, as they’re quite common. Luckily, if you’re skilled in button-mashing, then you should be able to take care of them quite easily.


Contrasting our last point is something you probably wouldn’t expect at all – meditation! Believe it or not, this little exercise will make your XP snowball.

Actually, it’s not the XP from meditating itself that we’re raving about – but meditating will open new doors. For example, once you hit level 20 in meditation, you’ll be able to fight a Zanpakuto. Defeating your Zanpakuto will give you a significant ammount of XP, as it’s presented as a sort of boss battle.

If you keep meditating to level 50, you’ll be able to fight a Bankai – even more XP!

Complete Quests

Another bit of an obvious one, but something that’s easy to miss! Completing quests, like most games, will give you XP. If you’re struggling with a particular part of the main game, then taking a break and focusing on side-quests found here and there is a great way to level yourself up before giving the main story another crack!