the image shows a bunch of the corps members rushing Akaza at night in an intense fight. Of course within this battle is Rengoku who has his back to the viewer displaying his flame tinted cape. Sad face iykyk

Project Slayers Breathing Tier List – February 2024

Don’t hold your breath! We have a Project Slayers Breathing Tier List right here. Our guide ranks all the breathing techniques from best to worst so you know which style to use in your next combat.

Project Slayers brings the iconic franchise of Demon Slayer right to your device. In this Roblox game, you assume the role of a corps member tasked with destroying demons at night and traversing the lands by day. Well, unless you choose to go against humanity that is and join the ranks of the demons. Either way, this game is packed with struggles and lore in an immersive RPG.

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Project Slayers Breathing Tier List

So let’s move on to how we determine our ranks here! We pick our tiers based on personal experience, player feedback and game updates. If the game ever receives an update which adds or changes any breathing style, such as power balance, we will be sure to update this list immediately! So please check back.


OP! These breathing styles are packed with versatility and technique that only a Hashira would be able to handle.

  • Flame Breathing
  • Wind Breathing
  • Sound Breathing


Strong! You are in good hands with these breathing styles. They’re not perfect but they’re just enough that you can feel comfortable using them long-term.

  • Water Breathing
  • Thunder Breathing
  • Beast Breathing


You’re average at breathing congratulations! These styles are our average, not good, not bad.

  • Mist Breathing
  • Snow Breathing


These breathing techniques are on the weaker side and are more suited to game noobs whilst they build an inventory of better styles.

  • Insect Breathing


You may as well be a regular civilian without a unique breathing style…

  • There is nothing here! I guess any breathing style is better than none