the image shows my avatar and a battle dummy glowing as my avatar attacks it with a slashing katana. There are white slash effects from where the sword has slashed from and the scenery behind is a dark night within a city

I Made The BEST Project XL Ability Tier List – February 2024

Not all abilities are created equally which is why I have created this Project XL Ability Tier List. My rankings help you decide which abilities are top of the chain, and which should be left with the noobs.

Project XL puts you at the heart of the gameplay. Become your very own anime protag in this mix-up game featuring tons of abilities and fighting styles from across the anime-verse. Once you’ve figured out your dream power combo you can take it into battles against NPCs, Bosses and other players!

You can check out Project XL over on Roblox. For more Project XL guides check out our Project XL Specialization Tier List!

Project XL Ability Tier List

So, which ability is the best? This question is entirely subjective and will depend entirely on your play style. These rankings are built from my own bias as well as a bit of game research into what other players think. Hopefully, this tier list is insightful on what’s hot and what’s not.


The top of the chain! These abilities are OP and are easy to adapt to. They’re versatile, strong, and are powerhouses.

  • Warning From the Future: Goku Black
  • Umpire of Annihilation: Beerus
  • Moku Moku No Mi
  • Eternal Horror Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
  • Explosive Super Elite Vegeta


Strong, just not the best. You’re likely to end up with one of these abilities which are still solid choices.

  • One For All: Prime
  • Yami’s Dark Magic
  • Cremation
  • Electrification
  • Diable Jambe
  • The Trump Card Goku
  • Immutable Fighter Super Vegeta
  • Ferocious Saiyan Prince Super Saiyan Vegeta
  • Sun Breathing
  • Flame Breathing


Unique in that they’re decent for beginner players, but are quite mid once you’re an established player. Overall average abilities.

  • Bolt Master
  • Magma Knight
  • Ittoryu: Shusui
  • Determined Defender Goku
  • Goro Goro No Mi
  • Pika Pika No Mi
  • Yami Yami No Mi
  • Gura Gura No Mi
  • Stone Breathing
  • Sound Breathing
  • Beast Breathing


Onto the weaker tiers, I don’t recommend settling for one of these abilities if you obtain it.

  • Shock Fist
  • Fire Breath
  • Mera Mera No Mi
  • Iron Greatsword
  • Blazing Knight
  • Burning Spear
  • Scorching Spear
  • Thunder Breathing
  • Mist Breathing
  • Purple Flare


Oh yikes! You may as well stick with the beginner’s katana rather than fuss with these.

  • Iron Katana
  • Sleeping-Induced Gas
  • Insect Breathing
  • Voice