the image shows a close up of the arrow head of a requiem arrow which is pointed and purple. The background is dark due to the game being in its nighttime cycle

Project XL Arrow Tier List – Which Is The Best Arrow? (February 2024)

Arrows are a fun varied utensil within Project XL that carry different and unique abilities to take into combat. So, you may have stumbled here in need of a Project XL Arrow Tier List to help you decide which arrows are the best from the worst! My tier does just that, with a sprinkle of whimsy in the mix.

Project XL puts you at the heart of the gameplay. Become your very own anime protag in this mix-up game featuring tons of abilities and fighting styles from across the anime-verse. Once you’ve figured out your dream power combo you can take it into battles against NPCs, Bosses and other players!

You can check out Project XL over on Roblox. For more Project XL guides check out our Project XL Specialization Tier List and Project XL Ability Tier List.

Project XL Arrow Tier List

Alright so you know the drill (If you have been here before that is) that my tier lists are subjective! Each to their own in other terms. My playstyle will certainly differ from yours and as this is a list I’ve created it’s based entirely on my personal opinion which you may disagree with (which is OK!). I do hope my tier list was at least a little helpful in choosing your best-suited arrow though!


The best of the best! These arrows shot right into my heart and are my absolute favourites to use. They’re OP, versatile, strong and have fun abilities.

  • Requiem Arrow – Guarantees a legendary ability however you must be level 1000 to use the arrow, and doing so will reset your levels back to 1. Think of it like a rebirth arrow with a wicked ability tied to it.


Less than the best, but still a solid option if you run into it. Chances are the arrows here are easier to obtain yet still strong, just not the strongest!

  • Special Arrow – Often dropped by bosses and gives a specific ability for the user to mess with. Less chance of something you don’t want unless you already dislike the specifics of this arrow.
  • Lucky Arrow – Guarantees a rare or higher ability. Nifty!


Mid, average arrows. They get the job done but aren’t ideal for the long run.

  • Rare Arrow – Harder to get than the Regular Arrow but provides a bit more of a cushion when firing for an ability within the Rare or higher field.


These arrows are weaker than most, not entirely equipped with abilities to use, and overall quite useless.

  • Regular Arrow – Gives a random ability to use and is easily found within chests and sometimes shops. Overall mid because the chances of a lame ability are quite high.


Would not recommend these arrows, you may as well throw sharpened sticks around as opposed to these.

  • There is nothing here! Mainly because the game does not offer that many arrows and any arrows are surely better than none.