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The BEST Project XL Enchantments Tier List – April 2024

My Project XL Enchantments Tier List ranks each of the different buffs (and defects) applied by each enchant. If you’re looking for a magical boost (or hindrance), here is the place to check what each one does so you know the best from the worst!

Project XL puts you at the heart of the gameplay. Become your own anime protag in this mix-up game featuring many abilities and fighting styles across the anime-verse. Once you’ve figured out your dream power combo you can take it into battles against NPCs, Bosses and other players!

You can check out Project XL over on Roblox. For more Project XL guides check out our Project XL Specialization Tier List and Project XL Ability Tier List.

Project XL Enchantments Tier List

Alright so you know the drill (If you have been here before that is) that my tier lists are subjective! Each to their own in other terms. My playstyle will certainly differ from yours and as this is a list I’ve created it’s based entirely on my personal opinion which you may disagree with (which is OK!). I do hope my tier list was at least a little helpful in choosing your best-suited enchantment though!


OP! Versatile enchants with huge benefits to the user.

  • Reinforced – Increases item endurance by 60%
  • Heroic – Increases item endurance by 35%, strength by 25% and magic by 10%
  • Mighty – Increases item’s strength by 35%, magic by 15% and endurance by 5%


Great enchants that offer a variety of different uses.

  • Titanic – Increases item endurance by 65%
  • Imperishable – Increases item endurance by 45% and decreases item magic by 5%
  • Steady – Increases item’s strength by 35%
  • Firm – Increases item’s strength by 25%
  • Secure – Increases item’s strength by 20%


Average enchants that offer some niche perks but aren’t any better than being just, mid.

  • Arcane – Increases item magic by 45%
  • Mythical – Increases item endurance by 30%, and magic by 20%
  • Heavy – Increases item endurance by 50%
  • Conquerors – Increases item strength and magic by 10%, and endurance by 20%
  • Armoured – Increases item endurance by 35%
  • Flawless – Increases item’s magic and strength by 20%, and endurance by 10%


Weak enchants with more disadvantages than advantages…

  • Divine – Increases item magic by 35%
  • Hardened – Increases item endurance 25%
  • Blessed – Increases item magic by 25%
  • Crude – Decreases all stats by 25%
  • Used – Decreases item endurance by 10%
  • Rusty – Decreases item endurance by 20%
  • Ruined – Decreases item strength and magic by 5%, as well as endurance by 10%


Negative enchants… Why would you want these?

  • Small – Decreases item endurance by 40%
  • Fake – Decreases all stats by 95%
  • Flawed – Decreases item strength and magic by 20%, as well as endurance by 10%
  • Wrecked – Decreases all stats by 50%
  • Broken – Decreases all stats by 75%
  • Mundane – Decreases item magic by 95%
  • Demolished – Decreases item strength by 95%