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Project XL Evolved Abilities Tier List – March 2024

My Project XL Evolved Abilities Tier List ranks each of the supposedly new and improved abilities so you know the best from the worst. There aren’t a lot of evolved abilities in the game, but my tier will help you decide which are worth the effort of honing. Please bookmark this page and check back for new evolved abilities added to the game and my rankings!

Abilities host new movesets for the player to wield. But why settle for regular abilities when evolved abilities are significantly better? Well, some are. Evolved abilities take an existing power and boost it significantly to increase its damage potency. My tier ranks these evolutions so you know which are dealt a stronger hand than others.

You can check out Project XL over on Roblox. For more Project XL guides check out our Project XL Specialization Tier List and Project XL Ability Tier List.

Project XL Evolved Abilities Tier List

My tier is crafted from personal experience, player feedback, as well as general game consensus. That said, you still may not agree with my rankings which is OK! I encourage you to bookmark this page and check back in the future as my rankings shift due to updates that buff and nerf the Evolved Abilities.


OP! Best of the best. The default ability for these is already stellar, so the Evolved Ability is just out of this world.

  • Magma Knight – A fiery hell for all your opponents. This evolution enjoys multiple unique attacks from close-range to AoE making this ability lethal to any foe.


Great, just not the best. I’d still be happy with these Evolved Abilities in my arsenal.

  • Diable Jambe – Inspired by Sanji, this moveset includes a lot of fierce kicks. It IS strong, but not the most forgiving to use.


Mid, average Evolved Abilities which are good enough, but I’d reconsider the grind to evolve them.

  • Bolt Master – The art of stun and frying foes. This electrical moveset has a lot in terms of keeping opponents still but lacks in raw attack DMG versus other evolutions.
  • Scorching Spear – Varied in that it offers linger effects such as stuns and burns, but similar to Bolt Master it lacks raw attack power in favour of the status effect gimmicks.


Less than average Evolved Abilities with a few niche uses. Not entirely useless but likely not worth evolving.

  • There is nothing here!


Would not recommend these Evolved Abilities at all.

  • Nothing here either!