‘Proun+’ Goes Free… Permanently

Engine Software’s Proun+ A Journey Through Modern Art is a game that I’ve got a love/hate relationship with. I find it maddeningly challenging, but its insane visuals — which are inspired by the works of abstract artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian — and an undeniable sense of fun ensure I keep coming back for more. Despite my vaguely mixed feelings toward it, I’ve still been recommending Proun+ to fellow racing/artsy game fans pretty much ever since it launched.

That just became a much easier to do as the game has dropped in price from $1.99 to a much more appealing $0.00. This isn’t a limited time only deal either; according to the press release we received, Proun+ will remain free “permanently.” The new free-to-play version of the game is supported by unobtrusive ads and does not require any in-app purchases to be enjoyed. Hit the link below to check it out…

Download Proun+ from the App Store.