PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Gets New Prime and Prime Plus Subscriptions Offering Cheap UC

PUBG Mobile has just received two new subscription services, Prime and Prime Plus, which provides daily doses alongside a myriad of other benefits.

Prime, which costs about a dollar per month, provides five UC every for a total of 150 UC each month. It also provides the benefit of purchasing temporary items with BP.

Prime and Prime Plus Provide Daily Rewards for a Monthly Fee

Prime Plus provides a ton more rewards though for 10 times the cost. For about $10 you get 20 UC each day (600 UC per month), the ability to purchase permanent items with BP, 10 RP points per day, daily discounts, and 50% off your first Classic Crate lottery each day.

For the first month, Prime Plus is 50% off so you can check out the benefits to see if they’re for you. The regular Prime is pretty naff but it’s very cheap, so if you don’t play often it’s kind of worth it.

You can grab PUBG Mobile right now on the App Store and grab the subscription services within game.