PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Kicks Off With a Brand New Royale Pass, Outfit, and PP-19 Weapon

PUBG Mobile has just received its hotly-anticipated season 8 update, which celebrates summer with a brand new Royale Pass themed around the beach.

With a new Royale Pass comes a new outfit, and season 8 doesn’t skimp on this score. You can get a new hooded scuba diver costume by progressing through the tiers.

The PP-19 Weapon Has the Highest Magazine Capacity of Any Submachine Gun

Alongside the new season is a brand new PP-19 weapon, which has the biggest magazine capacity of any submachine gun.

You can also now play team deathmatch in third person mode, which should please fans of that particular camera type.

So go ahead and grab PUBG Mobile from the App Store right now, and get working on unlocking those sweet new season 8 rewards.