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PUBG Mobile Survive Till Dawn Guide: Tips and Tricks to Last the Night

The long-anticipated Resident Evil 2-inspired zombie mode Survive Till Dawn finally arrived in PUBG Mobile this week, delighting fans of the battle royale shooter.

This new mode plays like any other match of PUBG, except for one notable difference: the map is chock full of undead desperate to eat your brains.

It’s not just zombies either. A bunch of bosses from Capcom’s latest survival horror remake will hunt you down too, including the infamous Mr X.

In this guide, we’re going to provide a bunch of tips and tricks to help you survive until dawn. Good luck out there!

PUBG Mobile Survive Till Dawn Tips and Tricks

  • Dig in: Zombies cover the entire PUBG map, so your best bet is to find a nice safe location to dig in and try and survive the night. We recommend a building – preferably inside a room with a couple of exits. That way, at least if you’re spotted you can make a quick escape.
  • High road: Even better than inside a building is on top of one. If you can find a safe building to sit on top of, we recommend it. That way you can see the zombies coming and kill them with relative safety.
  • Don’t forget other players: Enemy players will still try and kill you on first site, so don’t forget that. Prioritise them over zombies whenever the opportunity. Also, given that other players will be fending off zombies themselves, you can listen out for gunfire and sneak up on and attack them.
  • Get a silencer: That’s right – a silencer is even more important in this mode than any other, given that you’ll fight a lot more than usual. Get one ASAP, even if it’s just for your pistol.
  • Choose a good landing spot: You don’t have the whole map to land on in this mode, so you’re going to have to prioritise a good landing spot. We recommend a building – or a roof, preferably – even if other players land on it too. If you survive the initial assault you’re well positioned to win the match.
  • Keep an eye on zombies: You might not want to kill zombies unless they’re an immediate threat, as they can actually alert you to nearby players.