PUBG: New State Out Now on the App Store

Krafton’s reboot of the original battle royale franchise, PUBG: New State, has landed on the App Store. So now’s your chance to pick it up and see if you can be the last person standing in a much shinier shooter. Well, it sort of is.

There are a few connectivity issues around the launch, probably down to the 55 million people who pre-ordered the game across its various platforms. There’s also been a last-minute change to the game’s rating on the App Store that means anyone under the age of 17 won’t be able to play it.

The game offers players a new take on some of the classic PUBG settings, as well as a team deathmatch mode, a season pass and a bunch of other new tweaks and twists to keep things fresh. And it looks pretty neat.

There are 100 players battles to be the last-person-standing, as you might expect. And the graphics are super slick and polished. Throw in a story, more advanced gunplay and dodging and drone calls, and you’re onto a winner winner chicken dinner.

To play PUBG: New State you’ll need an iOS device running at least iOS 13, as well as 1.5GB of free space on said device. It’s free to download, but there are IAPs for you to spend real-life money on as well.

You can click here to grab PUBG: New State from the Play Store right this second.