‘PUK’ Devs Announce Their Next Game: ‘ALONE’

1450257_261762857337534_1250593378_nUK-based indie studio Laser Dog impressed the heck out of us with their 2013 App Store debut, the überstylish action puzzler PUK (our review). A substantial update for that game was released last September, but we haven’t heard much from Laser Dog since then.

That changes today with the announcement of the studio’s next game: side-scrolling, procedural endless runner ALONE.

Laser Dog posted a short teaser trailer for ALONE on their site, along with the following description of the game: “(ALONE) is about flying through space in a lone-piloted vessel, navigating caves, boosting through rocky outcrops, dodging falling debris and surviving ever more claustrophobic worlds. Lead Pilot Sam Hudson using ultra responsive slide controls and help him survive the isolation and solitude of procedural space.”

ETA: ALONE is due to launch for both iOS and Android on June the 26th, 2014. Check out the newly-released teaser trailer below, and find out more at www.alone-game.com