The featured image for our Punch A Bunch Final Boss guide, featuring two boxers runnings triumphantly towards the camera in a boxing ring. Behind them is another boxer, looking directly at the camera.

Punch A Bunch Final Boss Guide

If you’re struggling with defeating the final boss in Punch a Bunch, then your struggle ends here. We’ve created a Punch A Bunch Final Boss guide, giving you tips and tricks on how to tackle the final boss battle, as well as general areas of gameplay you should focus on.

Punch A Bunch is a fun indie game, developed by Pontypants. The game’s playdough-like, colourful characters are instantly recognisable, as you’re put into the shoes of a boxer who takes on a variety of opponents. The combat is highly skill-based, and you’ll learn to master it throughout the game’s expansive campaign. For more information about the Punch A Bunch, check out the game’s official website.

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Punch A Bunch Final Boss Guide

We’ll now crack on with the guide at hand. We’ll split this guide up into seperate sections, to keep it more focused.

The Coach

The final boss battle comes as a surprise in terms of the narrative of the game. Who would had thought the Coach would try and avenge his fallen champion? He may look older than most of your standard opponents, but that’s nothing to scoff at. He’s the best of the best, and he’s about to show you why.

But you can still defeat him! Below, we’ll leave some quick and general strengths and weaknesses that belong to the Coach, before we go into more specific areas that you should focus on.


  • Heavy Hitting – deals a lot of damage in short jabs
  • Tanky – blocks make up a near impenetrable defence


  • Struggles to get back in the flow once disoriented

Find An Opening

As stated before, the Coach is bulky and tanky. When he blocks, he has a nearly impenetrable defence, making it all the more difficult for you to take him down. However, the Coach does have a weak spot…

When he goes in to land a hit on you, you have the opportunity to fight back. It only takes a few consistent punches on the Coach before he starts to become disoriented, almost stunning him. You’ll notice he’s in a stunned-state because he’ll start to wobble, and he’ll look confused.

This is when you should take your opportunity to land as many punches as possible. While it’s difficult to get him into this state, you’ll notice his health quickly melts away once his defences are down.

Don’t Underestimate The Coach

The biggest mistake you can make while taking on the Punch A Bunch final boss is letting your guard down. One of the Coach’s biggest strength is his ability to lunge at you seemingly out of nowhere, catching you off-guard.

You’ll also notice the Coach coming at you with quick swipes and jabs. He’s unbelievably quick, faster than you would imagine, so watch out for his arms!

If there’s one thing to take away from this guide, it’s that you must always stay vigilent while fighting the Coach – never fail to keep your defences close-at-hand.

About The Game

Punch A Bunch is an awesome new indie game, developed by Pontypants. The game is a challenging boxing game that focuses on your skill as a boxer. Throughout the game’s campaign, you’ll face off against different opponents, all the while building upon your boxing technique. Fun and colourful characters make up the world of Punch A Bunch, creating a unique aesthetic.