Visual Novel ‘Purrfectly Ever After’ Scratches Together over $17k on Kickstarter


Weeev’s recent Kickstarter for Purrfectly Ever After must have struck a chord with quite a few individuals, seeing as how their project — which had only requested a minimum of $9,700 (AUD) — recently closed with over $17,000 (AUD) pledged. Their game — which aims to be an original English language homage to Japanese Visual Novels — centers around a person named Pastel, whom used to be cat until very recently. Apparently Pastel — considering herself a connoisseur of food — had been leading the other neighborhood strays on raids to take food from whomever possible, becoming a nuisance in the process.

This goes well enough for a while, at least until Pastel’s group become such a collective nuisance that the entire police force was eventually summoned to put down their shenanigans once and for all. With one of Pastel’s comrades captured and held hostage — in order to lure her out of hiding — the plucky feline is forced to undertake a daring rescue mission, and nearly manages to get herself killed along the way. Pastel — after narrowly rescuing her friend — becomes aware of just how much chaos her food pilfering escapades have caused, and decides to permanently disband her merry troupe of culinary bandits.


After this she wishes that she could be human — instead of a cat — so that she could earn food legitimately, and is surprised to be met with a Fairy Godfather who claims to be capable of granting her wish. The only condition is that afterwards she must never again return to her former life of thievery, a set of terms that Pastel — without bothering to think things through at all — quickly pounces upon. Thus Pastel suddenly finds that she’s become an adult human — albeit with no clothing, or any idea as to how she’s going to survive — and no longer able to locate the Fairy Godfather whom magically changed her.

Remembering that she’s forbidden to steal anything — including clothing itself — the only people Pastel can think of turning to are the five individuals responsible for the fact she didn’t die during her earlier rescue attempt, and thus Purrfectly Ever After truly begins. Players will then be able to freely pursue the five different individuals whom previously aided Pastel: Sirius, the doctor; Yoshino, the bathhouse operator; Cassian, the courtesan; Kofuji, the police officer; and Kale, the ramen vendor. Each character will — based on the player’s choices — have two possible endings, for a grand total of ten different followable paths (with a hidden sixth character unlocked only after all ten paths have been pursued.)

Thanks to the project’s numerous Kickstarter benefactors, iOS and Android owners everywhere should expect Weeev’s original Visual Novel to arrive sometime later this year. However — despite the Kickstarter being over — the developers are still currently accepting funds via PayPal for a limited time, with there additionally still being a chance of funding the game’s sixth stretch goal (which is currently only a little over $700 away). Therefore those whom hurry to become PayPal backers may — while time still remains — earn rewards such as: digital copies of Purrfectly Ever After’s soundtrack, physical production art books, digital wallpaper, as well as discounted additional game copies.