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Puzzle & Dragons x Chainsaw Man Event Kicks Off On iOS!

The Puzzle & Dragons x Chainsaw Man event has kicked off and runs until February 12th (5:59 PM PST). So, get ready to see some of your favourite characters from the anime within the mobile RPG. Titled ‘Chainsaw Man Collab Super Godfest,’ the event rolls out in two halves, from January 29th to February 5th, and then again from February 5th to February 12th.

Who’s Making An Entry?

Get ready to dive into the action with your dear characters from Chainsaw Man like Denji, Makima, Aki, Power, Himeno and Ghost Devil. You can snag them along with some special dungeons during the event. You can score pulls from the Chainsaw Man Super Godfest Memorial Egg Machine and the Chainsaw Man Egg Machine just by grabbing the Login Stamps.

This Rare Egg Machine is your ticket to getting exclusive characters like Denji and Power. It’ll cost you 10 Magic Stones per pull, but it will probably be worth the thrill, right? Grab the limited-time Egg Machine bundles at the Magic Stone Shop. You can get the 2 Magic Stones & Chainsaw Man Collab Super Godfest bundle for $1.99 and the 20 Magic Stones & 8 Chainsaw Man Egg Machine bundle for $19.99.

Snag Power for the first time, and you’ll unlock the Chainsaw Man Orbs Skin. It’s like a visual feast for your gaming experience. And if you get Denji for the first time, you’ll groove to the Chainsaw Man Collab BGM Set, turning your game ambience up a notch. If you haven’t played the title yet, grab it from the App Store!

Even Special Dungeons

The Chainsaw Man Collab Dungeon is your playground from January 29th to February 12th. It’s a tough one, but the Pochita Medal drops are up for grabs in the Monster Exchange. Using Chainsaw Man Collab characters in your team boosts their stats, so choose them wisely during the Puzzle & Dragons x Chainsaw Man.

Don’t miss out on the Devil Hunter Colosseum! and Multiplayer! Devil Hunter Colosseum! dungeons. Clearing Devil Hunter Colosseum! for the first time can earn you 1x Event Medal -Black. Also, hit up the [Pochita] Title Challenge! Special Dungeon. Clear it within the time limit, using a fixed Helper, and earn the exclusive [Pochita] title!

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