Puzzle Quest 3 Out Now on the App Store

Fancy some match-stuff RPG action that mixes puzzles, tactics and battles to the death with horrifying monsters? Then you’re in luck, because Puzzle Quest 3 has just launched globally on the App Store.

The game, the latest in the long-running Puzzle Quest series, sees you picking from six different classes of adventurer, then heading out into the world to rid it of foul creatures. The matching is fast and fun, and there’s enough depth to keep your fingers interested.

Alongside the single player campaign there are a variety of different side-quests and dungeons, as well as co-operative multiplayer and a PvP mode as well. So there’s always something to do. Here’s a trailer to give you an idea of what to expect.

Unlike the previous main games in the Puzzle Quest series, this one’s free to play. But it looks gorgeous, with shiny graphics and detailed models, and there’s always a challenge waiting to be overcome.

You can click here to download Puzzle Quest 3 from the App Store. It’s free with IAP, and we reckon it’s worth checking out if you want a puzzle experience with a little more meat on its bones. And sometimes off its bones. Because swords.