Puzzling Platform Adventure Pinstripe Out Now on the App Store

Pinstripe is a puzzling platforming adventure that sees you leading an ex-minister through the bowels of hell. And you can grab it from the App Store right this second. Is it worth checking out? Well read on and find out.

You’re searching for your kidnapped daughter, and the monster who took her. Along the way you’re going to uncover secrets from your past, as well as confronting your sleazy alter ego Mr. Pinstripe.

The game looks and sounds gorgeous, and it’s a one-man passion project that’s been five years in the making. It’s already received plenty of acclaim on Steam, and now you can play it on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s a trailer.

The game features six different levels of hell for you to traverse, and an eclectic cast of characters for you to meet. You’ll need to use your slingshot to defeat enemies and solve puzzles as you go as well.

Pinstripe is a premium game that’s available to download from the App Store right this second – in fact you can click here to pick it up if you’d like. It’ll set you back $1.99 and we reckon that it’s well worth your time.